What type of website are you in need of?


Basic Website
Custom-made template that covers basic company information. Traditional or one-page template with up to 5 pages/sections.
Comprehensive Website
More comprehensive than a basic website on a custom-made template. Traditional website with up to 10 pages.
Custom Project
This covers more than 10 pages, web shops, custom-made templates, hybrid websites. Different themes per infopage available. Option to expand your site, by adding your own infopages, included.
Why you should choose MazinDesigns

Well thought-out website layout
With over 15 years of experience MazinDesigns will provide a well thought-out and good-looking layout for your website. The main focus is on user-friendliness on all types of devices; mobiles, tablets and different sized computer monitors.
Responsive design as STANDARD
It is our belief that the user experience should not suffer on any device, this is why we have made responsive web design our standard. Responsive web design makes sure visitors always get the most optimal viewing experience on mobiles, tablets and different-sized computer monitors.
Amazing 7-day delivery
By working in a time efficient manner MazinDesigns is able to reduce the delivery time to 7 days after the materials have been received, providing feedback and communication are presented on a regular basis.
3-month support
No one wants to face the world alone. This is why we have drawn the contract so the first three months are contract-based support.
System security up-to date
No one likes when a site gets hacked. To let you focus on your business we will provide the best security system for your website and always keep it upgraded for you by installing patches and updates.
Visitor analytics
An analytics system is installed on every site so you are able to track how your website is being used, from where, from which device and much more. Based on this information we can tailor your website even further to increase the amount of visitors and increase the time they stay on your site.
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